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Who is this course for?

The Ink Academy Creative Writing Course is for anyone who can write but wants to hone and develop their writing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice writer, who has written little more than a few snippets and hidden them away, unwilling to show anyone – or a more experienced writer with a whole first draft that needs reworking. We take people on at all stages along the journey of writing a manuscript.

Do you only teach fiction writing?

No. We teach all creative writing that is narrative-led, so anything that tells a story – whether it’s fiction, memoir, life-writing or other non-fiction.

We have worked with writers on literary fiction, psychological thrillers, ‘chick-lit’ (though we hate that term), memoir, memoir-as-fiction, and ‘serious’ non-fiction including history, science, politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, language and current affairs. Each course is tailored to you, and so no specific genre is necessary.

However, we are not able to teach poetry, screen-writing, copywriting or journalism, all of which have very specific techniques and require specialist teaching.

Why do I need to provide a sample of my writing on application?

We require an initial submission of 1,000 – 3,000 words so that we can check that we are the right people to help you write your book. It can be any sample of your writing – either a random sample of the work you want help with or an initial stab at what you hope will be your book.

If you are signing up for a one-off introductory session, the initial submission should be the writing you want to discuss during the session, in order to make the most of your time with your tutor.

What is the application process?

1. To apply for the Creative Writing Course, please use the order form located here, or order through the finance team by email at or by phone on 0845 139 9311. By ordering a course you are confirming that you have received enough information and are satisfied that the course is suitable for you (see here for full Course details).

2. You must submit 1,000 – 3,000 words of your own writing on ordering the course (see above). This can be any sample of your own writing – an excerpt of the piece you want to work on over the duration of the course, or unrelated – but must be your own work. This is so we are able to confirm that the Ink Academy course will be suited to your writing and requirements.

Please note: the Ink Academy Creative Writing Course is selective. We assess each submission carefully to ensure that we will be able to help you, as a writer.

3. If your order is accepted, we will send you confirmation, a proposed schedule (you can rearrange all sessions upfront, or up to 7 days before the scheduled sessions) and details for payment.

4. Once payment of your course fee and any other required payments have been cleared, we will confirm your enrolment by email.  The course begins a week after payment has been received.

5. If your order is not accepted for any reason, we will inform you of this and reasons why by email.

What can I expect from the Creative Writing Course?

Each course is different, tailored explicitly to you and what you want to write and achieve.

However, everyone can expect the same high standards of service and underlying course structure of 9 hour-long meetings – 1 introductory session and 8 tutorial sessions – arranged over 6 months (for full details see here).

In our introductory assessment we will discuss with you exactly what you want to get out of the course, what kind of book you envisage yourself ending up with, and what you find motivates or demotivates you.

Over the 6 months of the Course, you will have a personal tutor-editor giving you feedback on up to 43,000 words (3,000 for the introductory session and up to 5,000 per tutorial session), whilst also helping you hone your craft, your book and direction. Every session you have will be dedicated entirely to your work. We might find it beneficial to discuss a literary work that informs or complements yours, but we will look at them only in relation to your writing.

We do not guarantee – or think it is necessarily a desirable goal – that you will have a finished book by the end of the course.  You will, however, have developed your book and your writing significantly within that time.  See what our students say about how this works in our testimonials.

Can I expect to be published/get an agent by the end of the Course?

You should not expect to be published or get an agent by the end of the Course, and should be wary of any course that claims you will.

Our aim is to help you write your best possible book, not to get you published. During the course we will help you understand and take into account the reader and the publishing world, and we can dedicate a tutorial to helping you write a proposal letter for an agent, if required. But we don’t think it is helpful to write purely with the intention of getting published.

Do I get a qualification once I complete the Course?

No. This is not an academic programme. The Course has one purpose only: to help you write your best possible book.

Why is the Course only 6 months?

Over 6 months, your needs and requirements as a writer will change and your book will develop.

We are wary of courses that promise you will finish a book in a specific timeframe – you just might, if you work exceptionally fast, but most people don’t. 6 months are, however, certainly long enough to write a lot, and add real depth to your writing. Your needs and ideas will change and develop significantly in that time.

What can I expect from the introductory session?

The Creative Writing Course introductory session is an hour-long, one-to-one and face-to-face discussion with your personal tutor at which you will discuss where you are in the writing process, where you want to be, what you want to achieve over the course and how it can be best structured to suit you, your book and your availability. If the initial submission is an example of the work you will want to be developing during the course, you may also discuss it in the introductory meeting.

We recommend linking the introductory meeting to the first tutorial session so that you can begin the course straight away.

If you’re not sure you want to commit to the full course, you can purchase the introductory session separately for £200. The one-off introductory session is an hour-long, one-to-one and face-to-face discussion with a personal tutor at which you will discuss your initial submission, as well as where you are in the writing process and where you want to be, if relevant. The tutor will advise you on how you can continue writing on your own.

If I buy the one-off introductory session for £200, do I get a discount off the full course if I decide to do it?

There is no obligation or expectation that an one-off consultation will lead you to sign up to a full course; the one-off introductory session is just that – one-off – and the tutor will discuss your submission and advise you on how you can continue writing on your own.

If you do decide to sign up to a full course following a one-off session, we are unable to offer a discount off the full course. However, you will be able to replace the full course’s introductory session with a tutorial session. Your full course will therefore include 9 tutorial sessions and cover up to 45,000 words (up to 5,000 words per tutorial).

What do we discuss in each tutorial session?

In anticipation of each tutorial session, you can provide up to 5,000 words, which will be discussed during the session. The exact form that discussion takes will change from one tutorial to another, since different excerpts of writing will raise different questions. However, you can expect a combination of close attention to the prose and more over-arching advice on the atmosphere, narrative arc and effects.

If you are unable to provide any work for the tutorial for any reason, your tutor will prepare a class tailored to your needs based around an aspect of the craft of writing relevant to you.

How long is each tutorial session?

One hour.

Why do the tutorial sessions have to be face-to-face?

We have found that holding tutorials face-to-face creates genuine rapport and collaboration. This encourages creativity and fosters openness and trust, which are essential when you’re sharing something as deeply personal and often private as your writing.

In addition, getting to know each other guarantees a much higher level of commitment – not only our commitment to you, but your commitment to your own writing, to your deadlines and to our ongoing feedback. This is not a one-sided relationship, an editor simply sending you a batch of feedback and then going his or her own way – it is an ongoing, committed, collaborative conversation.

Where are the tutorial sessions held?

At LIBRARY, in Covent Garden, London.

The full address is: LIBRARY, 112 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4BD.

I have limited mobility; does the location for the Course have suitable access?

The main location for our Course, Group Workshops and Author Masterclasses – LIBRARY, in Covent Garden – does not have full wheelchair access and is not well suited to those with limited mobility.

We care very much that access shouldn’t be a problem.  If you would need easier access, please let us know and we will rearrange the tutorials, Group Workshops and Author Masterclasses to take place at a more suitable location in the vicinity.

I don’t live in London; couldn’t I do the course over video conference rather than in person?

Unfortunately the course is currently only available in London, but as we expand we will be training tutors in other areas of the United Kingdom.

In a world in which so much communication is faceless and online, Ink attaches very great value to face-to-face contact and meetings in person. Yes, there are video calls, Skype and Facetime – but they still involve a remove. The laptop or tablet screen is a psychological barrier – as are technical difficulties like internet downtime, echoes, time lags and frozen cameras. In person, face-to-face, there is the full guarantee that both parties are concentrating fully on the discussion at hand. The Ink method fosters a trusting, supportive, responsive, engaging and engaged editorial relationship.

Under some circumstances, there is the option to carry out up to two tutorials by video, Skype or Facetime.

How are the tutorial sessions arranged?

We provide you with a proposed schedule on enrolment, which will take into account your preferences if you have indicated any in the application form.  The entire schedule can be rearranged upfront, or sessions can be rearranged up to 7 days in advance.  Sessions are arranged to be at a time convenient to you and depending on your tutor’s availability, and during our opening hours (Tuesday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 11am-3pm).

The start date of your course will be the date of the introductory meeting, which will be allocated on enrolment. If you would like to change your start date, a new one can be arranged within 7 days of enrolment. The new start date must take place between 1 and 4 weeks of enrolment.


Do I have to book all of my tutorial sessions upfront?

The entire schedule can be rearranged upfront, or sessions can be rearranged up to 7 days in advance.  Sessions are arranged to take place at a time convenient to you and depending on your tutor’s availability, and during our opening hours (Tuesday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 11am-3pm).

What are your opening hours; how flexible can I be?

Sessions are arranged to take place at a time convenient to you and depending on your tutor’s availability, and during our opening hours (Tuesday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 11am-3pm).

How frequent are the tutorial sessions?

Tutorials can take place within 1-3 weeks of one another, to ensure you have enough time to develop your writing before the next tutorial whilst at the same time keeping up momentum.

Can I rearrange tutorial session dates?

Tutorial sessions can be rearranged up to 7 days in advance of the scheduled session.

What happens if I have to cancel at short notice?

Tutorial sessions can be rearranged up to 7 days in advance of the scheduled session. Please note that if a session is cancelled or missed with less than 7 days’ notice, it will not be rescheduled, save in exceptional circumstances, as outlined in section 7 of our Terms and Conditions.

How far in advance do I have to send you each 5,000-word tutorial submission?

You can send us your 5,000-word tutorial submission up to 48 hours before your tutorial session. If no submission is received before the scheduled session, the tutor will prepare a class tailored to your needs and requirements, as they judge them.

Why can’t I submit more than 5,000 words per tutorial?

We find 5,000 words to be the maximum length of writing that can be helpfully examined and discussed in the course of a one-hour tutorial.

What happens if I can’t write anything for the tutorial?

If no submission is received before the scheduled session, the tutor will prepare a class tailored to your needs and requirements, as they see them. If you are having trouble writing altogether, your tutor will help you put in place a routine to conquer writer’s block.

How and when do I pay for the course?

When you have been accepted onto the course, we will send you an invoice for the full amount.  You must pay for the course upfront. Your place on a course is not confirmed until we have received full payment, and you receive written confirmation from us that you have been enrolled onto your ordered course.

Can I pay in monthly instalments?

We are unable to accept monthly instalments, except under exceptional circumstances.

What exactly does a Group Workshop entail?

A Group Workshop is a tutor-led discussion of the attendees’ work. Each attendee will provide up to 3,000 words up to a week in advance of the Group Workshop. For a workshop to benefit everyone involved, all attendees must have read and thought about – and be prepared to give considered feedback on – the other attendees’ work in advance of the workshop.

By sharing your work with a small, supportive group of fellow writers, under the guidance of a tutor, you can benefit from their encouragement and feedback, as well as learning from your own ability to critique and appreciate others’ works-in-progress.

Where and when are the Group Workshops held?

Date: second Saturday of the month

Time: 10.30am-12.30pm

Location: LIBRARY, 112 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4BD

How long are the Group Workshops?

2 hours. They take place between 10.30am and 12.30pm on the second Saturday of the month.

How can I make sure I get the same group again in another Group Workshop?

You will not necessarily encounter the same attendees as before. If you have a particular rapport with a group, we recommend you arrange more informal group workshops (not tutor-led) at a time convenient to you all.

I feel nervous about sharing my work with other authors; what guarantees do I have that they will keep my ideas and writing confidential?

All class discussion – whether tutorial, Group Workshop or Author Masterclass – is private and confidential.  All attendees must agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions, which seek to protect your Intellectual Property and Creative Information (e.g. any writing, titles, plot or storylines, characters or other ideas, concepts). Please see section 14 of our Terms and Conditions for more information.

What exactly does an Author Masterclass entail?

Intimate and interactive, the Author Masterclasses provide the opportunity to learn practical elements of the craft of writing and benefit from the perspective and experience of a published author. Each Masterclass will focus on a particular theme – memoir, say, or characterisation, or plot – but also on the author’s personal experience: what they find most challenging, most helpful and most rewarding about their career. The Masterclasses are interactive: you can expect to take part in engaging discussion in an unpressured environment.

You will come away equipped with practical tools to apply to your own writing – and a real insight into the process of finding an agent, and getting published.

Where and when are the Author Masterclasses held?

The dates and times of the Author Masterclasses can be found here.

Location: LIBRARY, 112 St Martin’s Lane, London WC2N 4BD

Do Author Masterclasses ever repeat?

If a particular class proves popular or is over-subscribed, we will arrange it again in the future.  If you want to be informed of upcoming Masterclasses, please email us on to sign up to our newsletter.

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Apply here for the Ink Academy Writing Course

Applying to the Ink Academy Writing Course is quick and simple. Just upload a sample of your writing below, along with your name and email address, and we will be in touch with enrolment details.

The sample of your writing does not need to be polished or perfect, or even from the work you want to develop on the course. It is just so that we can ensure our course is best placed to help you. For more details, please see our FAQs.

Please feel free to include any additional information, for example:
– Anything you’d like us to know about your writing experience, the project you’d like to work on or the submission you’ve uploaded below
– Preferred times and days for tutorials
– Whether you would like any additional Group Workshops (1 is included in the price)

Upload 1,000-5,000 words of your writing here: