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How To Plot Your Novel – with Ned Beauman

How To Plot Your Novel – with Ned Beauman

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Do you have a brilliant idea for a novel but can’t work out an ending? Or you’d like to write your memoir – but aren’t sure how to give shape and structure to your real-life events? Perhaps you have started your book but don’t know how to unify the various stories? Or have a finished draft that needs tightening up where it sags in the middle?

No plot, and a book lacks purpose; too much and it leaves nothing to the reader. In this masterclass, award-winning author Ned Beauman will teach you to balance the fine line between too little plot and too much, and discuss with you about the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to finish his work and get published.

Date: 26th September 2017 (PAST)

Time: 6.30-8.30pm

Location: LIBRARY, Covent Garden, London

Price: £80

No longer available.

To be great, a book requires a narrative arc, a plot – whether fiction or non-fiction, short story or novel, history or political commentary. Every writer needs solid scaffolding upon which to build their words. Stories need a convincing chain of cause effect; they need a centre, a turning point, something at stake. In short, they need the underlying sense of movement that makes the reader keep turning the pages. But how does it all work? What more is there than giving your story a beginning, middle and end? What is the inciting incident? And how do you avoid making your work feel over-plotted and formulaic?

Whether your work is an ambling character study or an intriguing thriller, this two-hour masterclass will equip you with techniques to balance the fine line between too little plot and too much. You will learn practical methods and techniques to help master the delicate and subtle art of plotting your book.

The masterclass is small and personal – just ten writers including you – allowing you a genuine opportunity to learn how to plot your book – whether a novel, short story, memoir, or other non-fiction – and discuss with Ned the finer points of creating an engaging, engrossing and compelling book.

Course Content:

  • The basic principles of plot – for fiction and non-fiction alike
  • How a strong plot can improve your writing
  • Advice on which different approaches work for each genre
  • How to avoid clichés and over-writing
  • Writing techniques that you can apply to your own work
  • Tips on self-editing to pare your plot back to its essential components
  • Examples of great plots from fiction and non-fiction
  • Practical writing exercise (with absolutely no pressure to perform to the class!)
  • Final Q&A*

*the class is interactive and there will be many opportunities for discussion, throughout.

About your tutor:

NED BEAUMAN has mastered the art of plot: his work is “taut, thematically rich and extremely well written” (Guardian), “deftly plotted” (Observer), and “excels at both the grand, jostling structure and the individual sentence” (Literary Review). His debut novel, Boxer, Beetle, won the Writers’ Guild Award for Best Fiction Book and the Goldberg Prize for Outstanding Debut Fiction. His second novel, The Teleportation Accident, was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize and won the Society of Authors’ Encore Award and a Somerset Maugham Award. His third novel, Glow, was “dazzling” (Financial Times) and his latest novel, Madness Is Better Than Defeat, is to be published in August 2017. He has been chosen by the Culture Show as one of the twelve best new British novelists and by Granta as one of the 20 best British novelists under 40. His work has been translated into more than ten languages.

Fully booked

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