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Mastering Your Narrative Voice – with Joe Dunthorne

Mastering Your Narrative Voice – with Joe Dunthorne

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Have you got a great idea for a novel or short story, but aren’t yet sure who your narrator should be? Or are you halfway through your book but worry your characters don’t quite ring true? Perhaps you’re in the editing process and want to ensure that your narrative voice is consistent throughout?

In this masterclass, award-winning author Joe Dunthorne will help you find your narrative voice – and keep it authentic and convincing. He will show you how to identify the typical traps writers can fall into, and teach you writing techniques to avoid these pitfalls, to ensure your characters and point of view are both credible and compelling.

Date: 18th July 2017 (PAST)

Time: 6.30-8.30pm

Location: LIBRARY, Covent Garden, London

Price: £80

No longer available.

Finding your narrative voice is one thing; making sure it’s believable is quite another. Whether you’re telling a story in the first person or third person – or even second person, or first person plural, or flitting flexibly between them all – it should be told coherently. You might choose for your story’s narrator or point of view to be reliable or unreliable, but either way it needs to be consistent. There are myriad traps into which a writer can fall that undermine their narrative authority or integrity, compromising the credibility of their characters and ultimately the reader’s willingness to suspend disbelief.

Don’t miss this invaluable class with Joe Dunthorne, award-winning author of Wild Abandon and Submarine. Calling upon his own extensive writing and teaching experience, Joe will help you identify the typical mistakes that can let down a writer’s narrative, and teach you the techniques you need to avoid them. He will help you find your narrative voice, and equip you with the knowledge you need to keep your point of view consistent and relevant. As well as practical tools to apply to your current work, you will learn how to approach all the main points of view – first-person, third-person and the free indirect style – to apply to future works. With Joe’s help, you will find your narrative voice flourishing, unlocking the full potential of both your characters and plot.

The two-hour masterclass is small and personal – just ten writers including you – allowing you a genuine opportunity to learn how to find and perfect your narrative voice, and discuss with Joe the finer points of crafting compelling, believable characters to create your best possible book.

Course content:

  • Why narrative voice matters
  • How an understanding of the basic principles behind first person, third person and free indirect style can improve your writing
  • Advice on how to find the best narrative voice for you and your work
  • Typical traps that writers can fall into
  • Writing techniques you can apply to your own work
  • How to make your characters and point of view convincing, consistent and coherent
  • Examples of different points of view from fiction across different genres
  • Practical writing exercise (with absolutely no pressure to perform to the class!)
  • Final Q&A*

*the class is interactive and there will be many opportunities for discussion, throughout.

About your tutor:

JOE DUNTHORNE is a Welsh novelist, poet and journalist whose novels demonstrate a raft of different narrative voices. His first novel, Submarine, which was translated into sixteen languages and made into an internationally acclaimed film in 2010, is a first-person account of teenage angst and sexual fumblings. With prose that is “funny and dead-on” (New York Times), it perfectly captures the flawed first-person point of view. His second novel, Wild Abandon, has an “ambitious narrative form, using a shifting third-person viewpoint” (Guardian), and won the Society of Authors’ Encore award. Joe is a Teaching Fellow in Creative Writing at UEA.


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Fully booked

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